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 How to use a Dolly Camera in Black Ops Theater Mode

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rG Frosty
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PostSubject: How to use a Dolly Camera in Black Ops Theater Mode   Sat Dec 25, 2010 3:21 pm

Text Tut.

1. Go into Theater Mode.
2. Find a sick kill.
3. Click (Y) 2 times to get into Free Roam mode.
4. While in free roam mode click RB 1 time (Edit Camera Mode)
5.To place a camera click The RIGHT joystick in
**You can NOT place 2 cameras at the same time on the timeline
6. Click RT to fast foward a bit so you can plant another Camera
7. Place camera in different locations to make the outcome better.
8. To edit a cameras speed go up to a camera and click the RIGHT joystick
9. The Speed Mode called "Fixed" allows you to speed up or slow down the clip
10. Clicking the RIGHT joystick also gives you the option to reposition camera, remove that camera or remove all Cameras
**After you make the video sick with those cameras
11. Click RB 1 time (Dolly Camera Mode) to preview clip
12. Hit (X) to start the recording of the clip
13. Hit (A) to play the clip
**After (X) and (A) is hit your clip will play and record until you hit (X) again To stop the recording
14. Once you hit (X) again the clip will Stop and a menu will pop up.
15. Name the clip AlwaysImBored is dope or something else
16. And then press the START button to save clip to your file share.
17. Then your video will be placed in your file share to show it off.
Enjoy, subscribe, like, love, ttyl.

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How to use a Dolly Camera in Black Ops Theater Mode
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