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 Second Map Pack

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rG Frosty
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PostSubject: Second Map Pack   Thu Feb 10, 2011 12:23 pm

treyarch posted on its website.
he sayd that they have confirmed the map pack and the zombie map name.

the zombie map name is illusion.

i dont know what this map features but it is said to involve a carnvial.

some traps will include a tilt awhirl of death. and a big carnival tent.

some new weapons are cotton carnage lol such a weird name.

and all the perks will continue being used. this map will be release in april 7th.

i dont know if u guys have any other ideas of what will happen or be in this map but plz discuss!
oh and also their is new like bosses. they are called strikers. they have spiked bats and are very smart they will swing at you
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Second Map Pack
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