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 **| Top ways to kill, survive, things about scientist| **

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PostSubject: **| Top ways to kill, survive, things about scientist| **   Sat Apr 09, 2011 8:18 pm

Hey guys im here going to give you hints on the scientist=]
In my post you are going to here tips and stuff about him..
I hope you enjoy and comment on here to keep alive thanks!
Also I have a random helper for the dogs =]

Spray the Scientist with your guns, when he dies he give a max ammo!

Winters Fury does not freeze him at all!

Monkey Bombs and upgraded bow and arrows don't affect him!

Running around a table helps or something is harder for him to get you!

Camping in a corner with shotguns is easiest way to kill dogs.

The scientist is coming for you if you can see him coming.

The scientist doesn't come if you don't turn on power!

When you see a red blob shoot at it, its him!

When the scientist comes elevators don't work!

If you don't kill him you lose your gun!

Give him your worst gun in case!

When he dies you also get fire sale (10 dollar mystery box)

If he doesn't take anyones gun you and you kill him upgrading takes 1000* points!

He dies faster with gun that are upgraded.

If you are in a glitch where zombies cant touch you neither can he!

He can telaport and also you will if he steals your gun!

The room turns blueish when he is coming!

If he steals your gun don't buy a new one it will get replaced!

Ray guns hurt hit alot especially upgraded!

You should stay spread out so the person who is getting chased has space!
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**| Top ways to kill, survive, things about scientist| **
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