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 Some Cool Glitches

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rG Frosty
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PostSubject: Some Cool Glitches   Wed Aug 17, 2011 10:04 am

Make FAL fully automatic

Text tutorial need two classes.
Class 1: FAL with grenade launcher
any perks except OMA
sentex helps a lot.
Class 2: FAL with grenade launcher
and red dot sight
bling(other perks do not matter. class 1 and shoot a few bullets select class 2 then kill yourself.
2.go to where you died and swap your usp.45 for the FAL.
3.then shoot both noobetubes
4. switch back to your bling FAL and swap it back for your usp.45. left on the d-pad



first Class you must have
Any primary (i use intervention)
OMA Pro (has to be pro for this to work)
Tactical insertion
perks do not matter

Second Class you must have
Any primary
and secondary not OMA!
which ever equipment you want to shoot with

What you must do
Choose your class with oma
Press Y scroll over the class you want to
Change to
Press B
Press Y Than RB and A at the same time

Akimbo pistol rapid fire

Text tutorial

1. Shoot with the right Pistol till there is only 1 bullet left (in the mag).
2. Press LT, RT and Y at the same time.
3. Have fun.

It Works with all akimbo pistols.

Righty-tighty trickshot

Text tutorial

1. Shoot ammo in the right and leave the left gun ammo full.
2. Reload, sprint forward and backwards all at the same time.
3. This will cause your left gun to loop.

Wrist twist

Text tutorials

1. Have Akimbo pistols

2. Shoot the LEFT pistol

3. Press (X) and immediately after start SPRINTING.

Tactical knife flip

Text tutorial

1.) Make a class that has a sniper rifle as your primary and a pistol with tactical knife as your secondary.
2.) Have your primary weapon out.
3.) Sprint forward.
4.) As you are running change your weapon to the pistol.
5.) Just as you change to the pistol stop running and quickly double tap Y or Triangle.
Note: You will be pressing Y-Y almost immediately after pressing Y the first time.
6.) You should have just completed the tac knife spin.

Barrel roll

Text tutorial

1. Sprint then press Y
2. Then when your shotgun comes down from above press Y Y then it should do a flip kinda

Last Stand Glitch
Text tutorial

The perks that you need are:

First Class:
Perk 1: One Man Army
Perk 2: Doesn't matter
Perk 3: Doesn't matter
Death Streak: Final Stand

Second Class:
Perk 1: Doesn't Matter
Perk 2: Doesn't matter
Perk 3: Last Stand
Death Streak: Final Stand

Select the first class mentioned above and have an enemy kill you four times so that your final stand death streak is activated. On the fifth kill, have the enemy put you into final stand. While in final stand, use One Man Army to switch to the second class listed above. When the classes change, allow your player to stand back up. From this point on, any kills that you get with the second class from above will count as a Last Stand kill. The only rule to this is that you can not change classes, and you can not die. If you do either of the two, you will have to start over from the beginning. This glitch does not, however, make kills count toward the prestige last stand kills, only the perk kil
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Some Cool Glitches
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